Coronavirus Protocols

The Delaware Elder Law Center has implemented protective procedures to eliminate/minimize the exposure of staff and the public to the Coronavirus.  These procedures involve the antibacterial cleaning of the premises, limiting meetings to up to four people, and requesting that individuals who are most vulnerable to the virus not to attend the meeting.  None of our employees have traveled out of the country in 2020.  We have confidence in these procedures because they are applied systematically.  

The layout of our physical location is naturally protective in that we are located on the first floor, so waiting for and riding a crowded elevator is unnecessary. Further, the public areas of the building have little to no foot traffic at any one time.  Because the course of this viral outbreak is unknown, we offer the following alternatives to face to face meetings as needed:  teleconference, video conference, and, if necessary, our attorney will travel to the home or facility.  

As we provide an essential service to adult children and their parents, we are here to help you and dedicated to doing so in the safest health environment possible.