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Intro - This Is The Wall Of FUDWACA

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Over the last several weeks our Video/Blog series has focused on Caregivers. As a continuation of this series, I am introducing the concept of THE WALL OF FUDWACA.

There comes a time when caregivers feel overwhelmed by the caregiving process. Something has to change because they just can’t keep going the same way. They feel trapped, blocked, walled in.

This is the wall of FUDWACA.

F rustrated

U ncertain

D oubtful

W orried

A ngry

C oncerned

A nxious

In this segment of the Caregiver Series were going to discuss what gives rise to The Wall. What are the parts of The Wall? Is there a way around The Wall? What happens if the caregiver stays inside The Wall?

Stay tuned as the series progresses!


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