• Wade Scott

This is Happening Now...

The enduring nature of the Covid pandemic is causing many people to evaluate their preparedness for dealing with sudden infection. Clients and prospective clients are calling the office to ask do they need, or should they update, their estate plans.

Estate planning is a legal process through which a person can control what they have while alive and able, protect themselves and their loved ones should they become disabled, and give what they have, to whom they want, the way they want, and when they want.

Yes, the Covid pandemic is a compelling reason to create an estate plan or to update the one you have. The immediate need is to have protection in place should you become disabled and not able to handle your affairs: durable power of attorney, advanced healthcare directive and HIPAA release.

Unique to the times in which we live is whether it makes sense to specifically give the treating physician direction on whether you do or do not want life sustaining intervention should you become infected. Your intentions regarding end of life decisions can be set out with specificity in the living will portion of your advanced healthcare directive. You just need to put the document in place or update the one you have.

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