Medicaid (Click Here):

  • Long-Term Care Medicaid Is for the Disabled, Not the Indigent

  • What is Long-Term Care Medicaid?

  • Strategies for Protecting Excess Assets for Medicaid  Qualification Purposes

  • Miller Trust - Financial Requirements for Qualifying for Long-Term Care Medicaid

  • The Five Year Look Back Period

  • Action Steps for Adult Children

  • Medicaid Retro Payments vs Medicaid Pending

  • Who is the Financially Responsible Party?

  • When Is The Home A Protected Asset?

  • Options For Paying A Child Caregiver

Estate Planning (Click Here):

  • What are the Types of Estate Planning in Delaware?

  • We Are Here For You Even During a Pandemic.

  • There's a Healthcare Emergency! Will Medicare Pay?

  • When Do I Need An Advanced Healthcare Directive? (Living Will)

  • What Are The Elements Of A Valid Delaware Durable Power of Attorney? (Part 1)

  • Delaware Durable Power of Attorney (Part 2) - Know Your Rights

Estate Administration & Other (Click Here):

  • Do I Have An Estate?

  • Medicare - Your 65th Birthday Present

  • Even During a Pandemic, We Are Here.